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Frequently asked questions:

FormTracks™ is a powerful tool to track and optimize online lead forms and instantly boost conversions. Make every click count and close more deals.

With robust form tracking & marketing automation tools, FormTracks captures and converts more leads from your existing forms and marketing efforts

Take advantage of our turnkey form abandonment solution: with 1-click CRO & automated follow-up tools to recover lost leads and abandoned forms.

All you need is an email & website to sign up and try FormTracks! 14-days free: No risk, no nonsense, no credit card required.

Services like ClickTale, VWO Insights, and FullStory offer one core feature: session replay (you can record & watch live user sessions). Gaining any meaningful insight from such tools requires a huge time investment — it doesn’t offer much immediately actionable data.

On the other hand, today’s marketing automation tools & abandonment plugins (e.g. Dynamic Yield, Pure360) are built for product businesses that sell via cart or checkout (e.g. eCommerce, B2C) and aren’t useful for businesses that sell via online lead funnels & forms (e.g. B2B, service businesses).

With FormTracks™, we set out to design an end-to-end optimization plugin built specifically for these kinds of businesses: to help improve customer experience & conversion rate for online lead forms & funnels.

Form abandonment describes when a potential lead fails to complete a form after starting to fill it out. Studies estimate this happens to as much as 75% of interested visitors.

FormTracks makes it easy to solve form abandonment: simply copy & paste our one-line tracking code to capture & convert more leads from your existing web forms.

FormTracks™ is great for anyone who wants to increase their lead form conversions, such as...

  • Performance marketers and agencies
  • Membership products and websites
  • Professional service providers
  • Bookings-based businesses
  • Software / SaaS companies
  • and more!

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Yes you can! Our white label feature is popular with agencies who want to present a branded solution for their clients.

Rather than accessing your account via, your clients can access the account via a custom subdomain with your name and logo. With white labeling, we'll remove all our branding from your account, including your online reporting dashboard and email notifications.

The white label feature is available as an add-on to the Pro plan — pricing is based on the number of users &/or domains you will be tracking. Using a subdomain on FormTrack's white label domain is included in each of these plans. If you'd like to create a custom white label domain with an SSL certificate, you're able to create a subdomain on your domain (ie. To activate white label with a custom domain, contact our Support team.

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